Work instructions for correct, professional and standardised cleaning can easily run to several pages. They are absolutely necessary to be able to guarantee quality both in the classic office area and e.g. in hospitals, hotels and medical practices. But are they clear and comprehensible for all of your employees? How much effort do you have to invest in explaining and supervising on site?

This is where the CARAVIS pictogram system comes in – the comprehensible, unambiguous symbolic illustrations explain even complex cleaning processes without the use of words and can be understood 100% by every employee. Language barriers are a thing of the past!

The pictogram system works with all established Office suites and comprises a library of virtually all equipment, furnishings and procedures. Flexibility is the key: with just a few mouse clicks you can create your work instructions just the way you need them. The two editions, Office Cleaning and HealthCare comprise the relevant pictograms for your individual cleaning rota or your precisely tailored schedules of services, in accordance with your special requirements.

Thanks to the established 4-colour system for differentiating between various cleaning areas the pictograms provide an additional unambiguous guide for your staff – the risk of confusion is reduced to a minimum, the quality raised.

The pictogram system from CARAVIS was developed on the basis of practical experience in the cleaning industry and saves your company time, money and training time. Thanks to our updating and conforming to new requirements you are always "up to date" – as our customer you receive free updates at regular intervals for download.

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